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Robin was lost in naked photos as she rode the Clark St. bus on her way to her job as a junior trader at the Board of Trade in downtown Chicago. Having only graduated from the U of I three months ago, she felt very lucky indeed to have landed such a good job in such a short period of time. If she kept her nose to the grindstone and worked hard, Robin was sure that not only would this job provide the mental challenge she needed, but also the kind of money most folks only dreamed of. As the bus swayed to and fro as it passed over the Chicago River bridge, Robin thought that the only real problem she had since moving to The Big Windy was the lack of any real social life.

By now she had hoped to have made some close friends but it just hadn't worked out that way with the workload she was carrying. Even in college she had just a handful of good friends, with no boy friends at all. Robin worried about her seeming total disinterest in men, and often wondered if she were maybe gay. In college, although she never showed it, she was always more interested in being with the girls. Her friend Joan had always kidded her that she was sexually repressed and just needed a good lay. Robin just would laugh and give the old ďwhen I meet the right guy Iíll know it line. This had gone on for four years with no sexual contact with men or women. Now she had read all the manuals and ďhow toĒ sex books but had never gone any farther than the masturbation part, and thankfully she didnít have a problem having an orgasm!!! From her first attempt in high school Robin had discovered that her body was highly sexed and that orgasms came very easily for her, and just a few twists on her nipples made her pussy wet and hot, and either a her finger on her clit or a candle used as a substitute dick made her have shattering cums. So although she often wondered about having sex with a partner, she certainly wasnít under any pressure to get it over with. Just then the bus stopped at Jackson St. where Robin hopped off and headed off to the office. Her mind then turned to the business of the day, but sex was surely in the back of her head.

At 5:45p.m. Robin was just settling into her seat on the bus for the thirty minute ride up to New Town. What a long hard day she thought and dozed off as the bus made its stops on the trip north from the Loop. When the driver yelled next stop Diversey, Robin was roused awake and got off the bus and headed down the street towards her apartment. Although she wasnít normally a drinker, she decided to have a glass of white wine in a cozy bar she had passed hundreds of times but had never entered. The place was fairly dark so it tool several seconds for her eyes to adjust to the low light level. When they did she realized that there wasnít a man in the place! She had stumbled into one of the lesbian hangouts New Town was famous for. There were about seven or eight women playing pool and three sitting at the bar nursing drinks and talking to the bartender. A juke box was in the corner and some light pop music was playing in the back ground.

Even before she sat down a strong looking woman came over and offered to buy her a drink. Robin said sure as she sat down and introduced herself, and the woman extended her hand and said her name was Jo--short for Joanne. She looked to be about thirty three to thirty five years old with short dark brown hair and a very solid build. She wasnít fat, husky would be a better description, and her hand shake was very firm, almost painful. Robin got the immediate feeling that this lady usually got what she wanted. Jo also obviously had a large chest that seemed almost out of place on her tomboyish frame. A manís striped sport shirt and blue jeans completed the appearance. Robin thought that she would be what a typical butch would look like.

Robin on the other hand was just the opposite, she was much more slight of build, almost thin with ash blond hair that hung almost to her shoulders. A very pretty face along with long legs and perfect 34-B breasts made Robin look very feminine indeed! As their drinks arrived Robin all of a sudden became very nervous, here she was in a bar, no, a lesbian bar, with an obviously butch lesbian who was trying to pick her up!! Jo started off the conversation with small talk about work, where she lived, etc. Right from the start Robin could feel Joís power over her. She began to feel something she had never felt before in her whole life-the feeling of almost total submission to another human being!!! As they drank and talked, Jo let her hand rest on Robinís thigh and she felt that feeling deep inside she got only when she was alone in her own bed! Now here she was in a bar letting a strange woman feel her up in public!!! As they talked Joís hand moved farther and farther up Robinís leg until finally it rested on her wet mound. By now her breathing was becoming more difficult and Jo maneuvered her hand so that her fingers were tracing a line up and down her crack.

At this point Jo leaned over kissed her ear and told her they were going to the rest room together. Robin just nodded and let Jo lead her by the arm into the ladies room which had an inner and outer room, with the outer room having several chairs and an old couch. Once inside Jo turned to Robin and gave her a full French kiss along with a feel of her ass. Robin became weak in the knees as the older woman began to touch her all over her body. Jo pushed her back down on the sofa and reached under her skirt and pulled off Robins panty hose and white lace panties. At this point Robin wondered what was going to happen next, when Jo pushed up her dress and immediately began eating her pussy!!! Robin had a thunderous orgasm within ten seconds of the cunt lapping! As she crashed in wave after wave of cums, Jo stood up, unzipped her pants, and dropped them to the floor. Inside of her boxer shorts Robin could see what looked to be an erection! Jo told her to pull them off and suck it. When she got them off her, Robin was looking at an eight inch strap on dildo that Jo had been wearing under her shorts!! She roughly grabbed Robinís head and pulled it towards the huge latex dick. It looked absolutely obscene sticking out from the crotch of the hungry dyke.

After sucking it for about five minutes, Jo told her to lay back down and spread her legs. Robin knew that she was about to get fucked by that monster and began to shake with lust as well as fear. She pleaded with Jo to be gentle but the bull dyke just laughed and drove the cock deep into Robinís straining pussy. The pain and pleasure were a mixed up blur as Jo fucked her over and over again! All at once the wave of orgasms flooded through Robinís heaving body! Then it was over and Jo pulled out of her and lay next to her telling her from now on Robin was hers and hers alone. Robin could only nod in approval as her pussy twitched in post coital spasms.

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